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Aaron Burdett – Fruits Of My Labor (Organic Recordings)




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Aaron Burdett Fruits Of My LaborThis is the North Carolina resident’s third full length album, and it shows growth and strong indications for a positive future for this singer.  The 11 songs here, all written by Burdett himself, show just how strong of a songwriter he is.  They range in style from Appalachian tunes to what might be called acoustic band folk to a take on funk/soul that shows true depth of emotion, Americana sums it up.  

Burdett and executive producer Mickey Gamble have put together a stellar cast of musicians to support this effort.  On fiddle for two cuts is the tasteful and wildly eccentric Casey Driessen; Will Jernigan is on bass guitar; Tony Creasman plays drums and percussion on four cuts, and there are too many more however these are a few who are noted.  Listen to the feel and touch that make up “Open The Door,” for example;  it is almost reminiscent of early Van Morrison.  Opener “Something Out of Nothing” is a great way to start the disc as it opens the door gradually to his voice. 
He may not be well known outside of his home area, but Aaron Burdett is someone who has a bright future.  The songs he writes are solid stories told in an interesting insightful way.
– Bob Gottlieb

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