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Silversun Pickups – The Singles Collection (Dangerbird)




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Silversun PickupsListening to Silversun Pickups is sort of like eating vanilla ice cream—both experiences are simple and satisfying but would be even better with some extra flavor. Considering that, you’d be surprised to find out that after 12 years and three albums, the band has decided to gather a collection of their biggest hits and put them on an album, cleverly titled The Singles Collection. 

Thus far, their output has been mediocre at best. Far too often, their songs begin with enchanting riffs and promising bass lines, but fall short due to their inability to evoke any sort of emotion. Melodies often feel like they were produced apathetically, and listeners fall victim to that. “Lazy Eye,” which is one of their most popular songs to date, fits well in that relaxed environment and succeeds because of it, though marginally.

Brian Aubert’s voice is an acquired taste, but is almost too unique for its own good. Its nasally prepubescent quality causes lyrics to get muddled in his intonation far too much to be heard.

The Singles Collection is simply a gift to the loyal fans of Silversun Pickups, who can reintroduce themselves to standouts like “Panic Switch” (their most successful output to date), and other songs that make up the timeline of their career. But a change in style seems necessary for a band that certainly has talent, but has become far too comfortable in their style to wow us.

– Carianne Hixson

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