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Stephen Trombley – Tea For Three (Worldview Pictures)




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Stephen Trombley Tea For ThreeUpstate New York native; new Nashvillian (after 35 years of living and working in the UK); author; and filmmaker; Stephen Trombley’s first outing from Music City is a brief but enticing affair.

Besides  bringing in Patti Smith’s former bandmate Oliver Ray on the title song, Trombley wisely calls on some very fine Nashville talent. Angela Kasset and Fred Koller co-wrote tunes that touch a wide, universal range, such as on “Suzy Says” (a woman’s right to choose); “Whadda Ya Know” (old lovers’ reunion); and “One Of These Days” (frustration). To present them musically we have drummer Charlie Morgan (Elton John and Paul McCartney), multi-instrumentalist Jim Hoke (NRBQ and many more), bassist Mark Prentice (Rascals) and the rest of the highly musical Prentice family. Mark’s wife Michelle and daughter Gabrielle on background vocals and wunderkind son John on all sorts of guitars. Keeping all the plates spinning, till the curtain falls too soon is longtime Nashvillian Richard Adler as producer/engineer (Alison Krauss, Doc Watson, Neal Young, John Prine). Speaking of Prine, Trombley’s folksy vocals and presentation of his musical visions has a Prine bent.

Stephen then wraps it up, proving he truly is a “Man Of The World” 

– Ken Spooner

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