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Yellow Ostrich – Cosmos (Barsuk)




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Yellow Ostrich Cosmos album reviewSoulful vocals pleading for deeper understanding, unique guitar riffs that repeat but never get old, and surprising electric effects like sharp finger-snapping aptly describe Yellow Ostrich’s third album.

Lead singer Alex Schaaf depicts the relationship between each soul’s natural longing for human connection and the loneliness of the cosmos. Schaaf sends chills down the spine and gets our attention when he smoothly says “I know you want to let go” in opening track “Terrors.”

So much has already been done in the music realm, yet Yellow Ostrich still find innovative and fresh sounds by looking to the history of science and space exploration. Each song parallels the connection between the individual planets in our galaxy and individuals on earth. Songs such as “My Moons” leads listeners to think that somehow the human heart and unexplored galaxies are the same.

We may still be physically floating or grounded by gravity by the time we reach final track “Don’t Be Afraid,” yet we are reassured, regardless of what position we’re in, everything falls into place in the end.

Being a love letter of sorts to humanity, Cosmos leaves listeners with a sense of the importance of relationships and wonderment at the interconnection of moving bodies.

– Kathryn Yao

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