Trivia: March/April 2014


In the previous issue of Elmore, we listed the names of musical artists who are actively performing at age 70 and beyond. This year, 2014, marks that 70-year milestone for several more legendary artists—born in 1944 during the devastation of World War II—who continue to perform today. From this list of active musicians, choose the ten who will (or have already) celebrated their 70th birthday in 2014.

Jeff Beck
Eric Clapton
Joe Cocker
Roger Daltrey
Ray Davies
Gladys Knight
Patti La Belle
Brenda Lee
Jimmy Page
Dolly Parton
Diana Ross
Rod Stewart
Stephen Stills
Johnny Winter
Neil Young


While all these artists are approaching the 70-year mark, only ten have (or will) hit that number in 2014. Let’s see who they are and when they were born.

Jimmy Page (1/9/44)
Johnny Winter (2/23/44)
Roger Daltrey (3/1/44)
Diana Ross (3/26/44)
Joe Cocker (5/20/44)
Patti LaBelle (5/24/44)
Gladys Knight (5/28/44)
Ray Davies (6/21/44)
Jeff Beck (6/24/44)
Brenda Lee (12/11/44)

Not yet 70:
Stephen Stills (1/3/45)
Rod Stewart (1/10/45)
Eric Clapton (3/30/45)
Neil Young (11/12/45)
Dolly Parton (1/19/46)

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