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AC/DC Clear Up Rumors About Breakup, Malcolm Young’s Illness

AC/DC retiringDespite what some people heard yesterday, AC/DC are not breaking up. That rumor surfaced from sources in the band’s native Australia, where the band are working on their next album. The rumors stated that the band were close to calling it quits after guitarist Malcolm Young suffered a debilitating stroke. While the band confirmed Young’s condition, they intend to soldier on for their 40th anniversary this year.

A post on the AC/DC Facebook page confirmed that Young would be taking “a leave of absence” in order to deal with his health issues. At the end of the post, the band confirmed that they would “continue to make music.” Singer Brian Johnson also alluded to Young’s illness in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, though he refused to say that Young was ill at the time. Johnson also confirmed that the band would be heading to Vancouver in May to record, though plans for a tour were “up in the air.”

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