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Jack White Releases “World’s Fastest Record”

Jack White Lazzaretto world's fastest record
Photo by Mary Ellen Matthews

He promised to do it, and he did it: Jack White released the world’s fastest record on Record Store Day this year. White’s single, “Lazzaretto” b/w “Power Of My Love” was released to fans at the Third Man Records store in Nashville after a recording and pressing process that took 3 hours, 55 minutes, and 21 seconds.

As per Rolling Stone‘s recap of the process, White took the stage to play for a crowd of fans at 10 a.m., opening with “Lazzaretto” (the title track from his upcoming new album) and “Power Of My Love” (an old Elvis Presley tune). The performances were recorded directly to acetate, after which the recordings were taken to be pressed in 45s. The sleeves were printed from pictures taken around the Third Man store earlier that day.

White’s stunt broke the original Guinness world record set by Swiss polka group Vollgas Kompanie, who set their record in 2008 after releasing a live album the day after it was recorded. 

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