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The Flaming Lips’ New Album Is An April Fool’s Joke

the-flaming-lipsWell, they got us. Sort of. The new Flaming Lips album, Flaming Side Of The Moon, is indeed a real album that is supposed to sync up with Pink Floyd’s classic and The Wizard Of Oz, but it’s also part of a bigger ruse. This morning, the website Funny Or Die revealed that they were the producers of the Lips’ new album, and they introduced a video series that details the band’s attempts to sell out. Comedians Fred Armisen and John Daly make appearances, and there’s a trailer for a possible movie version of their 2003 concept album Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots as if it were done by Michael Bay. Nice one, guys.

You can check out The Flaming Lips’ humorous attempts to cash in on their reputation, as well as a studio session filmed during the recording of Flaming Side Of The Moon, below:

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