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Levi Lowrey – Levi Lowrey (Southern Ground)




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Levi Lowrey albumThe first thing that strikes you when putting on this album is the beautiful quality of Levi Lowrey’s voice; it’s an honest voice much like the quality you get from singer/songwriters like Van Morrison and Jimmy LaFave. Then there is the musicality of Lowrey’s voice, as if it is another instrument being played.

The music here foregrounds Lowrey’s voice, supported by top-notch musicians including Ross Holmes (Mumford & Sons), Oliver Wood (the Wood Brothers) and Mac McAnally, all bringing a decidedly acoustic feel to the album.

Lowrey’s voice and his no-holds-barred look at the twists of life make for an album’s worth of songs that are both interesting and confessional. He isn’t afraid to take long hard examinations of his own scary mistakes—take a listen to “I’ve Held the Devil’s Hand.” 

Multiple albums into his career, Lowrey sounds at home and comfortable exposing his foibles and mistakes. He does so in a way that shows he has learned his lessons and is gentle on himself and happy with whom he has become.

– Bob Gottlieb

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