#63 July/August 2014

#63 July/August 2014
ON THE COVER: Self Portrait by Bryan Adams


Signature Piece: Performers' art on paperArtists & Art
Ali Kaufman talks to performing artists who commit to the visual arts as passionately as they commit to their music. Are drawing, painting, photography and sheet music related?

Music and Soul Justice
Singer, songwriter and activist Joe Jencks takes a look at music’s unique ability to unify us and to move humanity not just forward, but upward


Letter from the Publisher: Moving on UpLetter: Evolution

Kickin’ in Your Stall: After receiving an invitation to his high school reunion, Carl Gustafson realizes he’s not old enough to attend

Opening Act: Snippets, fun, interviews, reviews. Go meet Elmore at shows and compare notes!

Michael McDonald & Paul Rodgers: Singin' SoulInfluences: Vocalists Michael McDonald and Paul Rodgers didn’t even share a continent growing up, but today they both celebrate soul

On The Record: The Black Keys’ rough edges have smoothed, but they still work their way under the skin, and straight to the heart. Family ties emerge this time of year: A.J. Croce (dad: Jim) has Twelve Tales; Luther Dickinson (dad: Jim, bro: Cody) cries the Rock ‘n Roll Blues; Royal Southern Brotherhood (Allmans, Nevilles) sings Songs From The Road; Steve Conte (bro: John) arrives with his NYC Album; bros Dave & Phil Alvin find Common Ground; Ben Harper and (mom) Ellen Harper invite us into their Childhood Home; finally, Bobby Bare, Jr. (dad: Sr.) is Undefeated

Re.Issues: Harry Nilsson’s life was a mess, but his songs are genius; Paul Aaronson on both. Emmylou, Hank, Sr., BS&T and others who don’t need their names spelled out, reappear

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Fahrenheit 451 met “The Night They Drove Disco Down” in Comiskey Park, ’79. John Kuroski defends to the death your Right to Groove

What’d I Say: Soul’s on the move with six talents, from Vermonter Dave Keller to Vancouver-er Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne to the less-unlikely Candi Staton, of Muscle Shoals

The Good Seats: Pack your tie-dyed yarmulke and head for the coolest synagogue in D.C., where, Dennis McDonough tells us, the music is out of this world

Also Appearing: Dr. John, in New Orleans and the Florida Keys; New Orleans’ Jazz Fest, where the lagniappes are other cities’ headliners; Joe Bonamassa & friends rock the Iridium, leave the evidence on DVD; Lyle Lovett, unplugged but still electric

Listen Up: Arnie Goodman returns from a bluesy two weeks in Memphis with ten reasons he’s glad he went

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