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Genesis To Reunite For Documentary

Genesis reunionThe principal members of Genesis are reuniting…sort of. The classic-era lineup–including frontmen Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins–are coming together again to participate in a new documentary about the band. Titled Together and Apart, the documentary is set to air on BBC2.

The original lineup of Genesis, who recorded classics like Selling England By The Pound and The Lamb Dies Down On Broadway, are all participating in the documentary, which is the first time that the five have done anything together since 1982. It’s unclear as to whether or not that will open the doors for a reunion, but it seems that all of the bandmembers are on cordial terms.

Talk of a Genesis reunion has increased in recent years, now that The Lamb Dies Down On Broadway is hitting its 40th anniversary. Both Collins and Gabriel have stated in interviews that they were open to the idea of reuniting, and guitarist Steve Hackett has been more than vocal about his desire to get the band together again.

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