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Jack White Sets New Record For Vinyl Sales

Jack White Lazzaretto vinylJack White’s new album Lazzaretto is a lot of things. It’s pretty good (according to us, at least). It’s a big seller that went to #1 on the Billboard albums chart in its first week. And now, it’s a record-breaker.

Since its release last week, Lazzaretto has sold over 40,000 copies on vinyl, making it the highest-selling vinyl LP of the SoundScan era. It handily beats the record’s previous holder, Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy, which sold 34,000 vinyl copies in 1994. (SoundScan data only started being used in 1991, so this is obviously excluding several big albums from back when vinyl was the only format available.)

White went all-out for the vinyl release of Lazzaretto, fitting out the special edition with hidden tracks in the center label and a side A that plays from the inside to the outside, among other things. All versions of Lazzaretto are available now.

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