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The Fab Faux To Perform “John Vs. Paul” Show On October 18th

The Fab Faux John vs PaulThe Fab Faux, a group which performs the Beatles better than any group since the Beatles, most often play an album (or two) in its entirely for their performances.  This time around they have designed a showdown of sorts for a New York performance this fall. The band will attempt to answer that age-old question that has plagued many Beatles fans for years: John Lennon or Paul McCartney? In all likelihood, this won’t be the only time they’ll stage this show, so keep your eyes peeled for dates in your time zone if you can’t make it to New York.

One of the most insightful comments ever made on the Lennon/McCartney controversy came from Fab Faux bassist Will Lee, who, a year ago, summed it up for Elmore like this:

“John and Paul used to tag-team. One guy would  come with an idea that would spark the other guy; one  would be a little too soft and the other would put a little harshness into it to make some push and pull throughout the song. Paul would say ‘It’s getting better all the time,’ and John would say, ‘It can’t get no worse.'”

To us, that says it all. Thanks, Will.

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