Darius Rucker – Uptown Theatre (Kansas City, MO)

Darius Rucker Uptown Theatre
Photo by Bob Parsons

UMB Big Bash is an annual fundraising event sponsored by UMB Financial Corporation, benefitting local charities in the Kansas City area. This year proceeds were presented to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City and Jackson County CASA. Darius Rucker was the main attraction for the 4th annual bash.

Recently, as I bent over to blow out the candles on my birthday cake, I was reminded that most things don’t get better with age. I’ve heard there are minor exceptions to that rule; such as wine and cheese, but should Darius Rucker also be added to that list? His rich and infectious voice, unlimited energy, and heartfelt personality make a great argument. As I listened to classics such as “Time”, “Let Her Cry”, and “Hold My Hand” I couldn’t help but think “this is better than the record; this is beautiful.” Rucker dares you to believe that you’re personally being serenaded. He makes you feel special. He makes you feel joy. I can’t think of another concert where I felt more connected with the artist. Darius shouldn’t be classified country, nor should he be classified as rock. Darius Rucker should only be classified as timeless.  

– Bob Parsons

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