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ELMORE EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The New Video From Annie Stela

Annie Stela new music videoAnnie Stela’s new album, Whiplash Blues, finds the singer-songwriter taking her music in an exciting new direction. “Any Time, Any Day” is a perfect example of that, meshing Stela’s piano-centric pop sensibilities with some guitar-based heft. “‘Any Time, Any Day’ was a step in a different direction for me,” Stela says about the song. “I wrote it on piano, but I knew from the beginning it was a guitar song, something I haven’t done much of until now. It’s such a simple and honest love song, I wanted the instrumentation to be simple as well.  We ended up recording just acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals.  My favorite part of recording this song was singing the harmonies with my friends who came in to sing back up.  It took some pressure off me to have them next to me in the booth.”

Stela took the simplicity and intimacy of the song to heart when she started coming up with ideas for the music video for “Any Time, Any Day.” “I wanted the video to reflect the intimacy of the song, so we shot it all on that couch in one take,” Stela says. “The girls you see with me are my actual back up singers, who also happen to be people I hang out with on a regular basis. That made it very real–we aren’t acting. To keep that reality in view, I made sure we broke the fourth wall a bit; we all know that when singers make videos they aren’t really singing, so we didn’t bother keeping up that charade.”

You can check out the video for “Any Time, Any Day” below, exclusively through Elmore Magazine. Whiplash Blues is out now.

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