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ELMORE EXCLUSIVE: Peter Frampton Talks “Norman Wisdom”

Peter Frampton new song
Photo by Yann Charles

Peter Frampton’s newest album, Hummingbird In A Box, finds the famed singer/guitarist moving away from the pop sensibilities that defined his early work and towards a more guitar-centric sound. Inspired by the work of the Cincinnati Ballet, the album features seven pieces composed and performed by Frampton in his wholly unique style. The jazzy “Norman Wisdom” is emblematic of Frampton’s interesting new direction: the acoustic piece highlights Frampton’s virtuosity while maintaining a pleasant groove that matches his voice perfectly.

“Norman Wisdom” has another source of inspiration: the song’s subject, a famed vaudevillian actor who was a contemporary of Charlie Chaplin. The actor  became a subject of interest for Frampton, and he recently sat down to discuss the inspiration behind the song. You can watch Frampton share his thoughts on Norman Wisdom in the video below, exclusively through Elmore Magazine.

Hummingbird In A Box is available now.

Peter Frampton – Norman Wisdom (Behind the Song) from Jon Romero on Vimeo.

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