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Exclusive: ‘Solving and Running’ – New Video from Eclectic California Rockers Kiev

Photo Credit: Murphy Karges
Photo Credit: Murphy Karges

Kiev, the Orange County, CA-based alternative rockers, have just released a second video from their debut, Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth. The group’s eclectic sounds pull from psychedelic funk, post-punk and jazz. Produced and engineered by Chris Shaw, Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth draws inspiration from the band’s myriad influences, including legendary minimalist composer, Steve Reich.

The band also relates strongly to the world of visual art, having orchestrated and implemented a 3-D projection element to their already hypnotic live shows (Kiev will be kicking off a full West Coast tour in support of their upcoming album tomorrow with fellow Californians Bad Suns).

The new video for “Solving and Running” explores the band’s love of the visual arts and striking imagery, placing the five members of the band in the middle of the desert for a live performance. The sun sets in the background as the band plays on, masterfully achieving an organic sound, despite the unlikelihood of finding ARP synthesizers in the desert. Check out the video below, exclusively through Elmore.

– Samantha M. Lopez

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