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Weezer Goes “Back To The Shack” For Latest Single

WeezerWeezer, having just celebrated 20 years since the release of The Blue Album, is now debuting the first full listen off their first album in four years, Everything Will Be Alright in the End. The track was first heard live back in February at the annual Weezer Cruise, and left fans eagerly awaiting a return to their original (and best) sound (the Pinkerton era).

Musically, “Back To The Shack” is a straightforward and catchy rock ‘n’ roll single. The song is charged with wailing arena guitar riffs and steady, mid-tempo drums that match the sound of early Weezer. It’s certainly an ode to the past, with lyrics intent on establishing nostalgia and singer Rivers Cuomo declaring, “I know where we need to go/Back to the shack.” It’s indeed successful in reviving the anthemic hooks and guitar-driven sounds that first got them noticed, and it’s clear that Weezer’s back and “rockin’ out like it’s ’94.”

Although Everything Will Be Alright in the End won’t be coming out until September 30th, Weezer has released the full length audio track for “Back To The Shack,” on YouTube. The song will be available for purchase via iTunes Tuesday after midnight, and on Wednesday, Weezer will be playing it live on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

Listen to Weezer “raise some hell” on “Back To The Shack” below.

– Samantha M. Lopez

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