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Bob Weir Cancels All RatDog Tour Dates Into 2015

Bob Weir cancelled tour datesBob Weir has cancelled all the tour dates with his band RatDog into 2015. In a Facebook message posted on the page for Weir’s other band Furthur, Weir cited unnamed “circumstances” as the reason behind the cancellations.

Over the past few years, Weir has had to contend with some health issues. In 2013, he had to be helped offstage during a Furthur performance after falling down in the middle of a song. Weir finished the performance, but Furthur eventually cancelled a planned performance at the BottleRock Festival in Napa, California.

Weir was previously working on a project with Josh Ritter and Yellowbirds’ Josh Kaufman, and he was also considering a commemoration of The Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary in 2015. It is unclear if any of those projects will be put on hold or cancelled.

Weir’s former manager John Scher told Rolling Stone that Weir was likely seeking help for his health problems. “I love the guy and wish him nothing but good health,” Scher said. “Bobby’s been having health problems for a while and now there are plenty of people who support him and want him to get the care that he needs.”

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  1. “Weir cited unnamed “circumstances” as the reason behind the cancellations.”

    That’s not a reason. I think it’s because nobody is interested in seeing a 65 year old man noodle on guitar for 90 min.

    • Restrain of pen and tongue Fuzzman. Restraint of pen and tongue.
      Bobby has explored music in a capacity unmatched by most.
      He’s actually 66 and circumstances actually have nothing to do with reasons.