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Christopher Owens Shares New Song “Never Wanna See That Look”

Christopher Owens new songSince breaking up Girls in 2012, Christopher Owens has taken on some interesting projects to varying degrees of success. Now, after the less-than-excited response to his concept album Lysandre, Owens is returning with a new solo album, A New Testament. The album finds Owens returning to his roots and trying to recapture the pop-rock magic that was evident in his earlier work. Given what we’re hearing today with his new song “Never Wanna See That Look Again,” Owens is surely heading in the right direction.

With “Never Wanna See That Look Again,” Owens hits that country-pop sweet spot with reverb-laden vocals that evoke a boyish Roy Orbison. The honest lyric, which finds Owens apologizing for his indiscretions, goes a way to elevate what is structurally a fairly simple song, but sometimes you have to go back to basics in order to discover what you once had.

A New Testament comes out on September 30th on Turnstile Music.

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