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Coldplay Releases Video For “True Love”

Photo by Anton Corbijn
Coldplay dropped a very ‘big’ music video for “True Love,” the third off their May 2014 album Ghost Stories, which has reached number 1 on charts worldwide. The video features Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Canadian actress Jessica Lucas as ballet-loving outcasts donned in inflatable suits. As societal castaways, the two become lovers by the end of the four-minute video. The silliness of their sumo-wrestler-like suits is juxtaposed by the solemness and sincerity of the track. The song is slow, steady, and poignant- in classic Coldplay fashion.

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund- who also did the video for Ghost Stories‘ “Magic”- “True Love” is visually appealing and emotionally heart-wrenching. The video was shot in LA and closes with a ballet performance from ostracized Martin and Lucas and the message displayed that “anything is possible.” You can see Chris Martin as an inflated custodian by watching the video below:


-Kelsey Drain

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    • The song isn’t just about a heartbreak and the music video concept is definitely not just about inflatable suits. The fact that Coldplay isn’t afraid to put out this kind of video plus their ability to create such a wonderful love story is honestly flawless. I thought the video was perfect.