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Foo Fighters Announce New Album Details

Foo Fighters, Sonic Highways

Dave Grohl likes coffee—a lot. Perhaps all that coffee explains why, when Dave Grohl announces a Foo Fighters hiatus, it actually means that he and the band will be hard at work on not just a new album, but an eight-hour HBO series about the making of said album as well. The new album, Sonic Highways, will be released November 10; the HBO series (of the same name) will premiere October 17.

In making the appropriately titled Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters traveled to eight different studios in eight different cities, recording one of the album’s eight tracks at each stop along the way. Fully intent on letting the experience of each city inform the music, Grohl didn’t even write lyrics for the album’s songs until the last day of recording in a given city so as to let his time there inspire him. The band chose the eight cities – New York, Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville and Washington, D.C. – based on their musical importance both to the band members and American music as a whole. Feel free to look at the track list below and guess which song was recorded in which city (although there’s probably no way “The Feast and The Famine” is the Chicago track, because, given the size of that city’s “pizza,” Chicago is all feast and no famine at all).

1. Something From Nothing

2. The Feast and The Famine

3. Congregation

4. What Did I Do?/God As My Witness

5. Outside

6. In The Clear

7. Subterranean

8. I Am A River

The album is now available for CD and vinyl pre-order here (along with the option to buy the album in any of its nine different covers, including one for each city). Meanwhile, the band has only announced a handful of one-off and festival dates through the end of the year. But, given Dave Grohl’s relentless energy (coffee-fueled or otherwise), we can probably expect Foo Fighters’ show calendar to fill up fairly soon.

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