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Incarcerated Man Convinces Media, Police That He Is Scott Weiland

Scott.Weiland-1998Last night, TMZ reported what seemed to be the latest entry in the ongoing drug-fueled drama that is former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland’s life. The gossip site’s report claimed that Weiland had been in jail for four weeks on charges of felony possession of narcotics and burglary. One problem, though: the man who was arrested wasn’t actually Scott Weiland.

While TMZ and the Beverly Hills police department were convinced that the man behind bars was Weiland, the real Scott Weiland has been in the studio with his new band, The Wildabouts. The band posted a video of themselves, with a sober and decidedly not-imprisoned Weiland, in the studio working on new music. Weiland later called the TMZ report “a nice piece of fiction” and said that the tabloid site “will be hearing from my attorneys.”

As for the man that was actually arrested? His name is James Michael Hurley, and he managed to convince officers that he was Weiland just by telling them. After the real Weiland’s video and a quick fingerprint check, the jig was up.

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