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Morrissey NOT Dropped By His Record Label, Says Morrissey’s Record Label

Morrissey's new album, 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'
Morrissey’s new album, ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’
Well, this is just getting confusing for the sake of getting confusing. A little less than a week after reports surfaced that Morrissey had been dropped by his label Harvest Records, the label is now saying that no such event occurred and that Morrissey is still under contract with them.

The original story came via True To You, a Morrissey fansite whose scoops have earned a bit more credibility than most since Morrissey occasionally uses the site as a platform to speak directly to his fans. It was one of these instances that prompted the rumors that Harvest had cut ties with the singer, after he took to True To You to blast them for not promoting his new album properly.

However, Billboard has now confirmed that Morrissey is still with Harvest Records, according to a source associated with the label. The singer signed a two-album contract, the first of which–World Peace Is None Of Your Business–was released last month. Given Morrissey’s gripes with Harvest, it’s unlikely that their relationship will continue when the contract expires, but for now, Morrissey still has a record deal, and we can probably expect a new album…at some point.

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  1. “Well, this is just getting confusing for the sake of getting confusing.” very true, I just can’t keep up with Morrissey these days.It’s a shame he can’t just focus on music anymore.

  2. Frank, I disagree. Morrissey is still a very talented musician, it’s not his fault that he’s caught up in these unfortunate events!!!! I hope Harvest Records produces the second album he was promised in his contract, I know it will be just as good as the rest of his music.