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Nude Beach Releases “For You,” Second Single off Their Upcoming Album

Nude Beach
Nude Beach

Brooklyn trio Nude Beach released “For You,” an enigmatic upbeat punk single off  77, their third album set for release on October 21st. The song is a ballad of driving percussion and guitar; its buoyant tune is catchy and undoubtedly unique. Both “For You” and the first single released off 77, “I Can’t Keep The Tears From Falling,” leave us in eager anticipation of what else the ambitious musicians have in store.

” We’d sort of been conceptualizing this next record as this grandiose kind of statement,” Naideau told Noisey, where the song premiered on Thursday. “It’s all these songs that we’ve been playing on tour for a couple years that have been snowballed onto this bigger record and we didn’t want to leave any of it off because we thought it flowed pretty good.”

77 will be the Americana band’s first release on Don Giovanni Records, following their 2012 critically-acclaimed sophomore album II, and will feature a whopping 18 songs, according to Nadieau. Nude Beach’s national fall tour kicks off on August 31st in Chicago. You can listen to “For You” below:

-Kelsey Drain


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