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Ryan Adams Spent $100,000 On Unreleased Album

Ryan Adams unreleased album
Photo by Julia Brokaw
For much of his solo career, Ryan Adams has been known for his prolific attitude towards record as much as he has for his songwriting talent. Just an example, 2005 saw the singer release three different albums, one of which (Cold Roses) was a double album. What could be more impressive, though, is the vault of unreleased Adams material that could be out there. According to Adams himself, one of those unreleased albums ended up costing a pretty penny.

The album in question was what could have been his upcoming self-titled release, Adams revealed in an interview with the NME. After the release of Adams’ 2011 album Ashes & Fire, he apparently reunited with that album’s producer Glyn Johns for the follow-up. However, after spending $100,000 on a finished album, Adams made the executive decision to scrap it. “It was slow, adult shit,” Adams said of the unreleased album. “I’m just over that.”

Given what we’ve heard of Adams’ new album so far, particularly the single “Gimme Something Good,” we can estimate that the new material will be much faster and not quite as adult.

Ryan Adams comes out September 9th on PAX-AM/Blue Note.

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