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The Black Keys Release Eerie New Video For “Weight Of Love”

The Black Keys. Photo by Danny ClinchThe Black Keys’ new album Turn Blue is notable for being trippier and freakier than much of the band’s earlier work, and the duo have been giving us some twisted videos to go along with the songs. They started with doomsday preacher clip for “Fever,” and now they’re continuing in the same vein with the even stranger “Weight Of Love.”

The relaxed, keyboard-driven track opens with a clip of Auerbach’s preacher from “Fever” singing before zooming out to reveal a T.V. playing the clip for a group of women dressed in white. Their leader, played by supermodel Lara Stone, leads the group through a series of rituals and exercises while occasionally showing them video of a well-dressed, sweat-drenched Auerbach. In contrast to the grainy “Fever” clip, the “Weight Of Love” video features some stunning shots and well-performed (and unsettling) choreography.

You can watch the video for “Weight Of Love” below. You can also read our thoughts on the Black Keys’ new album Turn Blue here.

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