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EXCLUSIVE: Cowboy Mouth – Go! (Elm City)




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Cowboy Mouth - Go!

See below for an Elmore exclusive video of Cowboy Mouth’s Fred LeBlanc performing new track “Where’s The Rain”

Cowboy Mouth’s rowdy reputation reaches well beyond their hometown of New Orleans, but unfortunately not quite far enough to get them to the top of any national marquee. Still, with a track record that goes back a couple of decades or so, their reputation is well established.

The band’s new album, Go!, may be their best bid yet for attracting a wider fan following, given its anthemic rockers and a sound that all but guarantees immediate captivation. Unlike the music of their local brethren, Cowboy Mouth’s music isn’t confined to the bayou – far from it in fact. Other than the swampy shuffle titled “Mardi Gras by Moonlight,” and the funk and thump of “How Would You Feel,” there’s little here that betrays their local origins. Tellingly, Cowboy Mouth appears to be trying for a more mainstream approach, with songs like “Go!,” “Letting Me Believe” and “Dare,” which convey the frenzy, grit and groove that a mainstream rock crowd consistently demands.

The energy and enthusiasm is persuasive enough to reach all the way to the rafters. This is music meant to be turned up loud, the songs inevitably destined to get plenty of play onstage. As for Cowboy Mouth’s standing overall, this album makes it clear they’re here to stay.

– Lee Zimmerman

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