Terry Malts – 8/22 – Bunk Bar (Portland, OR)

If you’ve never listened to Terry Malts, you’re missing out. The trio’s wall of distortion makes for an unforgettable listening experience, but that roughness disguises a sweet pop sensibility in the tradition of the punk bands of yesteryear, like The Ramones or The Buzzcocks. Both of their Slumberland albums, 2012’s Killing Time and 2013’s Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, marry toe-tappingly catchy pop songs with buzzsaw guitars and reverb-laden vocals for an astonishing effect. The band’s live shows tend to be more immediate and bracing, with the band’s guitars cutting a swath through dozens of uninitiated eardrums. In short, they’re just the kind of band to wake Portland up from its precious slumber. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Bunk Bar website.

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