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Christopher Owens Shares Video For “Never Wanna See That Look Again”

Christopher Owens new songIt’s certainly a relief to see Christopher Owens having fun again. The Girls frontman-turned-solo artist is releasing his second album, A New Testament, and he seems to be having a blast while doing so. As evidenced by the country twang of “Never Wanna See That Look Again,” even when Owens writes something with a tinge of sadness, his ear for a hook makes the song a true delight. That sense of fun translates over to the video for “Never Wanna See That Look Again,” which Owens released this morning.

The clip finds Owens clad in a cowboy hat singing his tale of lovelorn angst and personal fuck-ups directly to the camera as he poses and sings directly into the camera. Guitarist John M Anderson pops up for a few moments, as well. You can watch the whole video at Dazed right now.

A New Testament comes out on September 30th.

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