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Country Stars Bemoan Summer Of Rowdy Fans

Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean

Country music fans are becoming rowdier than ever, but the results have been less than desirable. This summer, country shows often meant alcohol poisoning, loud disturbances, and even injuries. Questions are being raised over the progression of concert-going culture and human morality. After 34 people were hospitalized in Pittsburg at Luke Bryan’s June performance, another 50 people were suffered from extreme alcohol sickness in July at Keith Urban’s performance in Mansfield, Mass.

“Bottom line, when people go to a show or do anything like that, like it or not, drinking is part of it. People are going to drink and they’re going to have fun,” Jason Aldean told Rolling Stone. “I don’t know what you really attribute it to other than anytime there is alcohol involved, stuff like that is going to happen. Even if you’re at a ballgame. Or a nightclub. Or wherever. You can’t really say, ‘It’s country music.’ That’s ridiculous.”

Over the past year, there have been four horrifying incidents on Aldean’s tour, including three deaths. In October, the musician’s bus struck and killed a man in Indiana, in July a man disappeared from a performance in Cleveland and his body was discovered days later, and in May a man committed suicide in the men’s room of an Atlanta performance. All horrifically tragic.

“You want people to come out to your show to enjoy it and everybody to wake up the next day and talk about what a great time they had. You don’t want somebody to come to the show and never make it home,” said Aldean. “Unfortunately that kind of stuff is out of our hands.”

Additionally, an August Hank Williams Jr. concert in Michigan resulted in the subsequent death of a man after he was pushed and hit his head. It is unknown if alcohol is the sole reason for this unfortunate trend but we hope that the name of country music isn’t soiled.

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