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David Bowie To Release New Material On Greatest Hits Comp

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David Bowie by Jimmy King

This year, David Bowie will release a new compilation of his best material in honor of his 50th year as a musician. Titled Nothing Has Changed, the career-spanning set will cover Bowie in all of his incarnations, from his humble beginnings with “Liza Jane” through his commercial and creative peak up to last year’s surprisingly good The Next Day. But that’s not the reason to get excited for a new Bowie compilation. What really has fans anticipating this release is that Bowie is giving us a glimpse of his future along with the reminiscences of his past.

Nothing Has Changed will feature two new songs from Bowie, who has apparently been working on new material for quite some time, according to the various collaborators who have spoken on his behalf in the past year. The new songs, titled “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)” and “Tis A Pity She’s A Whore,” will be available as part of the box set and in separate 10″ vinyl.

Aside from the new songs, Bowie is also making some of his rarer tracks available for the new compilation. The previously download-only single “Your Turn To Drive” will be available on CD for the first time, early rarity “Let Me Sleep Beside You” will finally see an official release, and a 2001 re-working of the 1971 track “Shadow Man” will also be part of the compilation.

Nothing Has Changed comes out on physical and digital formats on November 18th via Columbia/Legacy.

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