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Fan Attacks Members Of Widespread Panic During Show

Festival security can only do so much sometimes, as the members of Widespread Panic found out this weekend. The band were playing the Phases Of The Moon festival on Sunday when a festivalgoer jumped onto the stage with the intention of…well, we’re not sure. He did end up giving the band and security a hard time as a scuffle ensued. Jambase reports that the stage invader may have hit drummer Todd Nance in the face with his drum sticks, but the rest of the band escaped unscathed as security dealt with the situation.

Video footage of the incident shows the band remaining relatively calm through the whole thing, though you can tell that they weren’t exactly pleased with having their show interrupted. As soon as the invader was taken offstage, though, the band get right back into the swing of things with the apt “Help Me Somebody.” You can watch video of the incident below:

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