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[UPDATED] Jack White Blasts Foo Fighters, Rolling Stone During Show

Jack White rant

[UPDATE]: In a statement issued today, Jack White’s press representatives are saying that the rocker was merely joking in regards to his comments about Foo Fighters. Apparently, the quip came during an “equipment mishap,” during which White apologized for the spareness of his setup. The statement goes on to say that White and Grohl spoke on the phone this morning and that everything is okay between the two. You can read our original piece on the incident below.


Last night, Jack White played at Fenway Park’s Bleacher Theater in Boston, but fans were treated to more than just a few sweet cuts from Lazzaretto. During the set, the singer/guitarist went on a four-minute screed in which he took pot shots at Foo Fighters and Rolling Stone, among others.

According to Pitchfork, White got started early by poking fun at pop stars using microphones that don’t have chords before laying into Foo Fighters for touring with two guitarists. White didn’t take kindly to the band having a second guitarist to “play the same parts” as a way of covering up any mistakes.

White then took shots at Rolling Stone for their web content, jokingly saying that the site was “brought to you by the Kardashian family” before blasting them for featuring articles like “15 outfits that Taylor Swift wore this month that will blow your mind,” “10 reasons why Rolling Stone did not cover the Newport Folk Festival for 50 years straight,” and “12 reasons why Rolling Stone won’t use a black and white cover on the cover of their magazine unless you’re dead.” White also reminded the audience that Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone‘s founder, also owns Us Weekly.

White acknowledged that he was going on “a Kanye West-esque rant” before continuing with the show, but not before getting out a sardonic “Hello, Cleveland!” You can listen to the whole mess below:

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  1. I guess it’s an important distinction to make when thinking of where we get our news material from. Rolling Stone has long been under scrutiny for what they report, and maybe we ought to wonder why.

    Jack White annoyingly has a point but calling this “a Kanye West-esque rant” is dismissive and easier than just saying what REALLY happened. A self-involved critiquing of others to boost his own evergrowing ego!