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Jack White Releases Video for “Would You Fight For My Love?”

Photo by Mary Ellen Matthews

Jack White’s second solo LP Lazaretto is continuing to make innovative musical leaps with the video release for “Would You Fight For My Love?” White’s newest creative contraption was conceptualized, produced, and shot within a 24-hour period, according to a statement. The actual filming took place over a 6-hour period in Denver’s Cruise Room, a historic post-prohibition bar, after being given less than 12 hours notice.

Directed by Robert Hales, the well-produced and consistent video is all done in a blue/black tone. White is dressed in an outdated suit and sits at the bar while other patrons fade in and out, Scout Pare-Phillips is the only one he seems to notice. Both White and Pare-Phillips often break the fourth wall, looking directly into the camera. This matches the tone of the song, where the lyrics are almost an inner-monologue, they’re what you imagine Jack White’s thinking while sitting at the bar in the Cruise Room.

White is currently on worldwide solo tour. You can watch the video for “Would You Fight For My Love?” below:

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