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Pink Floyd Reveal Details Of New Album ‘The Endless River’

Pink Floyd new albumThis year, Pink Floyd are releasing The Endless River, their first collection of new music in 20 years. Now, in a new interview with Uncut, Floyd members David Gilmour and Nick Mason have revealed more about the mysterious new project while clearing up and debunking a few rumors about the album.

In the interview, Gilmour and Mason reveal that they worked on most of The Endless River in late 2013 with Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera working behind the boards with the band. The two also confirmed that the album will feature recordings of late keyboardist Richard Wright, including a few dating as far back as 1969.

Gilmour was also quick to dismiss rumors that the album is based on his unreleased experimental album The Big Spliff. While he did admit that the new music contains some elements of the project, he did not use it as the basis for the album. Instead, the album will apparently be four different pieces that delve into the more atmospheric side of Pink Floyd’s music. Fans of Meddle should be excited, then.

Former Floyd songwriter/bassist Roger Waters, who spent the last few years on an elaborate tour of The Wall, is not involved with the album and has yet to make any public comment about the project.

The Endless River comes out on November 10th.

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