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Radney Foster Uses Facebook To Find Stolen Guitars

Radney Foster stolen guitarsSinger-songwriter Radney Foster has his fans and the power of social media to thank for the recovery of eight guitars that were stolen from him. Foster posted the list of stolen equipment on September 15th, when ten guitars and an amplifier were taken from a storage facility in Nashville that Foster used to keep his gear.

After Foster posted the list, which included the serial numbers for each of the guitars, information started flowing in on where each of the instruments were found. Within two hours, Foster’s fans had tracked down eight of the ten stolen guitars.

The two guitars that have yet to be recovered are Foster’s first guitar, a 1977 Martin D-28 acoustic, and a black Gibson J-30 that was given to him by RCA Records while he was in the duo Foster & Lloyd; the latter has the RCA logo on the headstock. Foster’s Del Rio amp is also still missing.

The whole list of stolen equipment can still be found on Foster’s Facebook page. Anyone with information about the last few missing items is encouraged to get in contact with Foster on social media.

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