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Exclusive: Stream Brett Harris’ New EP, Mr. Sunshine

Brett Harris, Soleil Konkel, Mr. Sunshine
Photo Credit: Soleil Konkel

Following the release of his first full-length album, 2010’s Man of Few Words, North Carolina singer/songwriter Brett Harris toured with the dB’s as a keyboardist and guitarist, and joined the touring company that performed Big Star’s #1 Record and Third albums live. Now, Harris has returned with some more material of his own, as his new EP, Mr. Sunshine, drops today. 

Mr. Sunshine is a light and sunny accompaniment to Man of Few Words. However, the title track’s name was inspired by a bitter encounter Harris had with a well-known, wealthy entertainer while working at an appliance store. “I had never encountered that kind of wealth and celebrity from the vantage point of one in a service role and it left a really bad taste in my mouth,” Harris said. “Mr. Sunshine became a symbol of the beautiful moments that surround us yet often go neglected as we are increasingly drawn into our own devices and these worlds or personas we construct to hide from who we really are.”

Harris will be touring through the fall and plans on releasing another full-length album in early 2015. For now, listen to Mr. Sunshine below, exclusively through Elmore.

– Samantha M. Lopez

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