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Exclusive: Stream Singer/Songwriter Danielle Woodrow’s Upcoming Album In Full

Danielle Woodrow, TurningDanielle Woodrow put her successful career as a TV exec on hold in 2011 to reconnect to her musical side and embark on a year-long international journey to record an album. “Taking a break from my career may have been unorthodox, but it did wonders for my soul. And bringing music back into my life was one of the greatest gifts I could ever give myself,” Woodrow explained. The decision was not as abrupt as it may seem, as the self-taught guitarist first learned how to play as teenager – as a part of both a metal band and an acoustic duo. Travelling from Washington’s rural Methow Valley all the way to Israel and Peru, Woodrow went back to her folk roots for her debut album, Turning (The Sabbatical Sessions). 

Woodrow dusted off her guitar skills and recorded songs spontaneously throughout her trip, including a living room-session with Grammy-winner Mike Simpson (the Dust Brothers). The songs, written everywhere from jungle huts to cabins, were not originally intended for release. Turning was instead originally conceived as a reflective expression of the peacefulness she found on the retreat. “I hope my story might inspire other people to take risks and excavate their buried dreams,” Woodrow said.

Woodrow’s songwriting skills, poetic and original, are on full display throughout Turning‘s ten songs. “Can’t Keep Leaving You” kicks off the album with a righteous example of Woodrow’s growing realizations about love, relationships and old habits while “Leap of Faith” was written on a plastic guitar in the Amazon.

You can access Elmore’s exclusive stream of the full album below, until its release on September 23 (pre-order the album here). 

– Samantha M. Lopez

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