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The Doors To Release Self-Made ‘Feast Of Friends’ Documentary

Doors-Feast-Of-Friends-DVD-cover-lrThe definitive documentary on The Doors may have actually been shot by The Doors themselves. The band actually produced a film about themselves in 1968 during their tour, but legal issues stemming from Jim Morrison’s arrest in Miami prevented the film from ever being finished or seeing the light of day, save for a rough cut that became popular as a bootleg. Now, the documentary–titled Feast Of Friends–is (sort of) finished, and fans will get a chance to see it on November 11th.

Shot entirely on the road, the Paul Ferrera-directed film gives a cinema verite-style look into the inner workings of the band as they dealt with the success and controversy that followed them through the decade. Also included in the DVD release of Feast Of Friends a separate film made with additional footage from the tour, as well as a remastered version of the 1968 British documentary The Doors Are Open, which chronicled the band’s performance at the Roadhouse in London.

You can watch a trailer for Feast Of Friends below:

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