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Thom Yorke Teases New Radiohead Music On Twitter

Radiohead new albumRadiohead fans are among the most dedicated in the music world, and the band certainly know it. Still, we’re not quite sure if frontman Thom Yorke has been having some fun at his fans’ expense on Twitter or if he’s engaging in a new music promotion tactic. Whatever the case, it certainly has fans excited.

Yorke started the hoopla over the weekend by taking to Twitter to post a link to his blog, which featured an unlabeled white record on a turntable. Yorke followed that with a post yesterday showing a sheet containing the lyrics to the band’s 2003 song “A Wolf At The Door.” Now, this would normally mean very little, but Yorke’s status and the fervent devotion of his band’s fans meant that each post was interpreted as a clue, a sign that Radiohead were making their triumphant return to the studio after the relative disappointment of their 2011 album The King Of Limbs.

Today, Yorke actually gave an answer to the question on everyone’s mind while explaining just what those photos were about. Today, he posted a photo of an old drawing with the text “Stanley & me going thru 15 years of discarded words and pictures…while overdubs happen in Radiohead studio. 2nd day only.” So Yorke has just been going through the archives, but that last part is exactly what fans wanted to hear.

Of course, when Radiohead will go about releasing that album is anyone’s guess, especially given their recent habit of surprise releases. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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