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Exclusive: Watch Nashville Folk Band Neulore’s New Video

Neulore, Animal EvolveNashville singer/songwriter duo Neulore take their name from “neu,” the German word for “new,” and “folklore.” Together, Adam Agin and William T. Cook indeed create a sound that is new and original among today’s many country and Americana bands. Neulore’s music puts a new spin on traditional folk as their heartfelt, acoustic melodies celebrate the genre’s magnitude. Following the 2010 release of their Apples & Eve EP, the duo worked on refining their melodies and tone, artfully crafting their follow-up and first full-length, Animal Evolve, due out September 23. 

Fresh off their summer tour with Ingrid Michaelson and the success of lead single “Shadow of a Man” (which has been featured on critically acclaimed TV shows, reaching a national audience), Neulore is back with a new track/video. The clip for “Mercy! You Need Saving” sees Agin and Cook in symbol-laden clothing and tribal face paint performing in a live acoustic setting beside a sparkling creek. “The music has to match the visual we’re creating,” Agin said. “We’re huge fans of movies, so it’s natural for us to dream up some sort of visual scene…and then figure out how that scene would sound.”

Check out the video below, exclusively through Elmore.

– Samantha M. Lopez

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