Real Estate – 9/22 – One Eyed Jacks (New Orleans, LA)

With each new album, Real Estate seem to find a sharper, more relaxed dimension to their surf-rock sound. On their new album, Atlas, the now-five-piece band have written songs that sound fuller and lusher than anything they’ve done before, such as the swirling “Had To Hear” and the rollicking “Talking Backwards.” Live, you will not find a tighter band, and that’s been the case since their earliest days of playing house parties and warehouse shows. Quite frankly, time has only made this band better, and they were already pretty damn good to begin with. They’re currently on a cross-country tour that brings them to New Orleans for a night at One Eyed Jacks. If you’re in town, make sure you get your week started off right. For more info and to purchase tickets, visit the One Eyed Jacks website.

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