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David Crosby, Neil Young Shut Down CSNY Reunion Talk

csny-2006-portraitCrosby, Stills & Nash are still going strong, and Neil Young is still releasing albums and touring as frequently as ever, but never again shall the twain meet. At least, that’s what we’re led to believe from both Young and David Crosby, who were both quizzed about the possibility of reuniting Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young over the weekend.

CSNY last performed together at the 2013 Bridge School Benefit, but little has been heard since about whether the quartet will tour again. Young answered that question fairly definitely at a concert in Philadelphia on October 8th, saying that CSNY “will never tour again.” When word of Young’s comments got to Crosby, he took to Twitter to elaborate: “I hear Neil said ‘there will never be any more CSNY shows.’ That’s like saying there are mountains in Tibet. We know, Neil…we already knew.”

Crosby elaborated further after a fan asked him why there would be no more CSNY shows, saying that Young “is very angry with me.” Crosby seemed to be taking the whole situation in stride, though he got in a jab at Young when a fan tweeted that Young’s guitar work was an irreplaceable part of the group. “I know at least 20 better guitar players than Neil,” he said.

Young, for his part, has a new album, Storeytone, coming out later this year.


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