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David Gilmour: New Pink Floyd Album Will Be Their Last

Pink Floyd new albumApparently, Pink Floyd’s upcoming new album The Endless River will be more than just the first new release from the band in twenty years; it will also be the last new release from the band. That’s what David Gilmour is saying, at least. In an interview ahead of the album’s release, Gilmour said that the new album was likely to be the end of the line for the legendary prog-rock band. “I think that we have commandeered the best of what there is,” Gilmour said. “I suspect this is it.”

After the death of keyboardist Richard Wright in 2008, it was suspected that any attempts at reforming Pink Floyd would come to an end. While Wright appears on The Endless River, both Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason would prefer that this album be the band’s swansong. “I think the most significant element was really actually hearing what Rick did,” Mason said. “Having lost Rick, it was that thing of… it really brought home what a special player he was.” You can watch the full interview here (via Rolling Stone).

The album’s first single, “Louder Than Words,” appeared on the radio and subsequently leaked online yesterday. The Endless River comes out November 10th

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