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Electric Six To Release Tenth Album, ‘Human Zoo’

electric six, e6, human zooGarage-rock band Electric Six is set to release their tenth studio album on October 14. Human Zoo (Metropolis Records) has an expansive, historic concept behind its name. The idea of a “human zoo” is an age-old idea that is sustained in art and literature. By naming their album this, the six members of E6 are identifying that they’re not breaking any new ground. Frontman and vocalist Dick Valentine elaborated on the imaginary institution saying,  “We’d watch them groom each other and occasionally bicker. On the whole, it should be average people doing average things. There should be no way out.”

E6 is currently headlining a tour in the Northeast to prepare fans for the release of their Human Zoo. The Some Girls Do It For Love Tour has 13 show dates, including one in New York and one in Brooklyn, and wraps up in Philadelphia on October 11th.

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