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Guitarists Prepare for Major Gear Expo


Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, New York Stompbox Exhibit, Main Drag Music, D'Addario, Shure, Moog, Presonus

On October 25 and 26, The Deli Magazine and Delicious Audio will bring the fourth annual Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit to Williamsburg’s Main Drag Music. As always, the event gathers the best guitar effects pedals from manufacturers large and small and allows guitarists to try them out – and buy them at a discount (10% plus $15 off on the first 30 pedals sold each day). This year, 30-plus manufacturers (including DigiTech, Moog, RAT and many more, with the assistance of sponsors like D’Addario and Shure) will exhibit 200-plus effects, even allowing guitarists to compare two pedals of the same type using their “mixed boards.” For more information, see here.


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