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Jimmy Page Admits That Led Zeppelin Reunion ‘Doesn’t Look Likely’

Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin reunionAfter years of increasingly tense barbs between himself and Robert Plant, Jimmy Page seems to have finally given up on the prospect of reuniting Led Zeppelin. While speaking at an event promoting the latest round of Led Zeppelin re-issues, Page told reporters that the prospects of the legendary band getting back together were grim.

“I don’t think it looks as if it’s in the cards, so there’s not much more I can say about that,” Page told Rolling Stone at the event. “All I can say is that it doesn’t look likely.” Page had been clamoring for a reunion since the band last performed together at a one-off show at the 02 Arena in London, but Robert Plant has steadfastly refused to get on board. The two repeatedly traded jabs in the press over the years, but that seems to be at an end now that Page has admitted defeat in this crusade. Notably, Page did not mention Plant when talking about the failed reunion.

Instead, Page seems focused on returning to the stage with a new set of musicians to perform new music and some old favorites.”If I went out to play again, I would play material that spanned my recording career,” he said. “I’d go back to the very early days, [including] Yardbirds material, and it would certainly have some new material as well.”

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  1. Where is the guy who used to say, “You’ve got to keep your mind active,” “We wanted to step forward,” and most significantly, “Ever Onward?” Let’s have some new music instead of a tribute band playing tribute to himself. I hope someone takes him aside for a quiet word before it’s too late.