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John Lennon’s Solo Catalog Now Streaming On Spotify

They may be the most popular band of all time, but it’s taken a long time for The Beatles’ catalog of recordings to make the transition to the digital age. Neither the Fab Four’s work as a group nor their respective solo recordings have made a quick trip to download or streaming services. Now, the work of John Lennon has finally made that great leap with the announcement that the Beatle’s solo catalog will now be streaming in full on Spotify.

Lennon’s eight solo albums, from Plastic Ono Band to Milk & Honey, are now available to stream on the popular music service, as well as three compilations of Lennon’s work released in 2010. Power To The People compiles Lennon’s singles, including non-album releases like “Instant Karma!” and “Give Peace A Chance;” Gimme Some Truth compiles his songs based on their themes (love songs, protest songs, etc.), and the John Lennon Signature Box contains everything the man ever did on his own, including several home-recorded demos.

Lennon joins Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in making their music available to stream; George Harrison’s solo career remains unavailable on streaming services for the time being.

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