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Listen To An Unreleased Paul McCartney/John Bonham Collaboration

This year, Paul McCartney is re-releasing Wings At The Speed Of Sound, the massive hit album he recorded with his first post-Beatles band. While casual fans will likely know the album for its breezy pop hits like “Let Em In” and “Silly Love Songs,” more dedicated fans will tell you that “Beware My Love” is one of McCartney’s stronger solo tracks. As it turns out, it could have been even better, courtesy of a bit of drumming from John Bonham.

McCartney revealed the song during a Twitter Q&A yesterday when a fan asked him about an alternate take of “Beware My Love.” McCartney responded by saying that the Bonham version did exist, that it was on the re-issued album, and that it could be purchased now. That latter part is still true: you can purchase the Bonham version of “Beware My Love” on iTunes. You can also stream the song for free on McCartney’s Twitter page.

Both Wings At The Speed Of Sound and McCartney’s Venus And Mars will be re-issued on November 4th.

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